Mvq*pmidenty / Cancellation of account

I did this also and never got the report nor did i get an email welcoming me to the "program". All of a sudden yesterday my account was popped $1. 00, then $2. 00, then $29. 95 today.

First off call this number [protected], and be prepared to wait for a customer service representaive. I called the number and spoke to christina id#700193 to cancel the membership i didn't know that i had. I asked that all the charges be removed. I was then transferred to a supervisor, judy id# 700066 and was able to get the charges removed. I was informed that it would take two billing days before this would show up at my financial institution.

If they tell you your 7 day trail period is up and you know it could not possibly be, be nice and dispute the charges - all of them!

I called my bank when the $29. 95 charge was deducted from account to find out how to dispute the charges. If the credits do not appear in two days then i will have to file a dispute with my bank, the bank will file a dispute the charges with mvq creditscores, and lastly, the card that was used will have to be closed to ensure no further charges are billed.

Hope this helps. Man, what a hassel.

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