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I originally sent this message to Mike Page at montecasino.[protected], but i have had no reply. So trying a different route.

Please see my complaint below:
Today (Sunday 20 Jan 2019) I took my son, who is 7 years old, to the games arcade (Monte casino - Magic Company). We often pop in for an hour or so after movies and have a wonderful experience. However today was a complete disappointment.

When we arrived, I needed to make change as I only had a R200 note. When I went to the counter, I waited a few minutes for assistance. There were about four ladies behind the counter. When nobody tended to me, I called one of the ladies and asked if she could please give me 2 R100 notes. I was not greeted with a smile, actually I was not greeted at all, I was passed the money and her back was turned in a second. I took my son to collect tokens from the token machine. The machine did not register the note, so I had to go back to the counter. I was once again not greeted and waited a few minutes with blank faces looking at me, while I stand with an eager 7 year old waiting to play games. Eventually after asking for service I was assisted with what seemed so much effort.

The first machine we went to, swallowed the token. To not disappoint my son I told him the machine was broken and we moved on. When we got to the fourth machine, my son played and on the screen we got a message to say 21 tickets owed. Not quite how I wanted the morning to go. I couldn't see anyone on the floor to help. So I asked one of the ladies to call someone. Again, the most miserable face, she walked off not saying anything. When she returned, I asked if someone was coming, she literally looked at me in disgust for interrupting her and nodded. After waiting a few minutes with nobody arriving, I went back to her and asked if the person knows which machine to go to... she literally walked off without saying anything. All of this while I am standing with my son, who just wants to play. When she returned I asked again if someone was coming and she said yes... I waited and waited and eventually walked off to find someone myself. When I found the ticket guy he walked to the machine said nothing, walked off again and reappeared with tickets for the machine. When I asked if he was able to give me the tickets owed, he just kept walking and ignored me. To not cause a scene I continued through the arcade with my son as I did not want to upset him. Eventually after some time the ticket guy brought me The tickets, said nothing and walked off.

I am totally disgusted that the Magic company at Monte casino, is meant to be a happy place for children and this is the way the staff behave. Absolutely miserable, miserable miserable - it completely ruined my morning. I tried to keep a brave face for my son but I could tell he could see the distress in my face.

If you want to create a magical place for children, make sure the people who are employed at these places are actually thankful that they have a job and have a love for kids or even just a simple understanding of how to treat a client.

It's just disgusting. I have no words. I feel this needs to be shared with all the parents I know, so that they do not have to experience what I did today.

Please educate your staff or replace them.


Jan 21, 2019

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