miamisuperhero.comArrived over an hour late, demanded full cash payment, left with the money without performing!!

Parents beware!! This company ruined my 4 year old's birthday party and stole $175.00 from us. Hard to believe that there are companies like this out there that cater to children's events. We had a booking with another agency for a superhero character which cancelled on us last minute. We found on line and based on the user reviews, which I now think are phony, decided call and see if they have someone available for that afternoon. They told us that they have someone and they could be there at the time we needed which was 4:00PM. At 5:00PM the guy arrived, 1/2 hour before the party ended and with many guests already leaving. He demanded we meet him in the parking lot across from the park where the party was and wanted full cash payment up front for 1/2 hour show instead of the full hour he was supposed to perform. On top of that he was very rude and confrontational. Reluctantly we paid him the $175.00 even though it was for only a half hour and in spite of his crude behavior towards us. Our son was really looking forward to Spider-Man showing up at his party so we weren't going to let him down. As soon as we handed him the money his demeanor changed from bad to horrible.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hollywood, FLMy wife and I were stunned by how disgusting this guy was, cursing, raising his voice etc. the guy basically looked like he was on drugs. This is not someone we wanted anywhere near our kids and our friends kids. We immediately told him that we were not interested in him doing the show and demanded our money back. He told us there is no money back because he drove out there and wasted his time, got out of his uniform, which was torn at the seams in several places and got in his car and drove off with our money cursing and yelling. Yes folks, we were robbed by Spider-Man, in broad daylight, out side of our 4 y'o birthday party. Our son was very sad that spidy never showed up and we are enraged that people like this are out there interacting with children. This person should be no where near children and I wouldn't be surprised if he has a criminal record that reflects his behavior. Miami superheroes is not answering our complaint and no one other than the receptionist answers the phone. This was a nightmare that no parent should go through. UPDATE: After digging around I found that the character in question is in fact the owner, Shawn!! this is why you will never get a call back or any resolution from the company. He is the problem here folks.

Nov 27, 2016

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