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I don't think it's fair to have customers charged with add-on features to their plan just so that employees fulfill their required commission and to raise store numbers. What they do is get a new applicant and charge them an extra $10-$15 on unnecessary add-ons that sometimes includes Insurance even after the new applicant has declined. Employees are instructed by management to lie to the customers should they find out this feature was added to their account by saying, "Insurance is an automatic charge for the first month but you can take it off once the new billing cycle begins." It is not automatic nor is it mandatory. While an employee gets a commission for add-ons the insurance is sold to raise the store's numbers. If an employee shows that they are not bringing up the numbers they are given a verbal warning. One employee was actually told, "You're bringing us down!"...all for refusing to lie to a customer. It's just not right. Mind you, employees can still make an honest commission by selling accessories. There is no need to add a "value bundle" or Mexico Calling and especially insurance if its already been declined.

Feb 2, 2019

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