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1 wingina VA, United States
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I purchased Romeo in February 2011, he was the world to me. 8 weeks later I found he had Patella luxation, his back legs were messed up. I called Mrs. Collins to let her know, she said read your contract which was so small of a print a magnifying glass could not pick it up, I am legally blind and I paid a 1000.00 dollars for Romeo. Mrs. Collins was nasty and her oh wells were very clear but I loved my baby I was keeping him, I just wanted her to know. Well sadly Romeo passed July 12, 2014 due to over breeding which led to kidney problems, they had shut down. I was heartbroken to have to euthanize a 3 1/2 year old baby. I called Mrs.Collins again to tell her which she didn't care. I am still grieving over my baby while she takes others money. I try to warn people of her and some people I have called about who are selling dogs know her and also have heard and experienced heartache through her breeding. As I searched the internet today I found on her website she list a 5 year guarantee well why was mine only 5 days, my baby died due to her breeding. I just want people to be warned an not be taken a fool by her Backyard Breeding. Thank you for reading my story. Find a good caring breeder

Sep 23, 2014

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