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Loretta Lynch/ James Comey Casey Wheeler Bank of America / extortion

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States
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The aforementioned individuals and even the corporations many of them took part in a large operation to steal money from me as I was stalked by James Comey. I was also recently placed under false arrest in Virginia no doubt where the Comey's live check for yourself and three or four days after my arrest he was fired by Donald j trump. I was threatened out of thousands of disability dollars by Bank of America. I have been blocked from reaching the media but not for long. I have all kinds of incriminating videos and papers and documents like you wouldn't believe!! yep and I have driven across country alone in my car and made it!!! I found another lady who is also a targeted individual and we are meeting up!! took me almost a year to find that as the perpetrators of this terrible crime went free for son long. James Comey and Loretta also harassed me with aircraft and I mean every five minutes right over my head in the city of los angeles where I am from . that has to cost billions a day!! I have even had low fast flying aircraft as recent as two days ago in Walterboro South Carolina where I ran into a group of dangerous men who do nothing more than spend all their time thinking about how they can keep raping the women in that town. so disgusting and they have a certain gross look to them all where I can spot them easily from a regular person. As I left that town I was almost raped numerous times but managed to use my caution to get away safely. That did happen to me ten years ago tho very badly. and the cops laughed at me afterwards cuz there is an LAPD cop named Sgt. Dino Earnest caldera that does that for fun and started the us gov stealing money from me. and disability funds no doubt. they harass me whenever I call social security as well., so I always have to go in person. Actually a guy named Casey Wheeler started this whole thing with my biological "family" so to speak who are human traffickers. they always used and abused me as much as they could. Annette Allen my "mother' Corinne Allen who stole $100k in special needs trust from me. Jeannie Jacobsen who is my "aunt" and Greg Neal Allen who is my so called perverted half brother. They all live in Scottsdale Arizona and yes I have contacted FINRA and am in touch with the DOJ but am still constantly being threatened or mocked and harassed everywhere I go by people I never have met. so crazy and strange. my sister has sent me numerous nasty texts for years and I have some of them. I will submit the evidence later as I am trying to get to see another female targeted individual so we can settle down and not have to be homeless and taken advantage of. I am sick weak and very sleep deprived

Jul 17, 2017

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