Korn-FerryHorrible recruiter

K Mar 08, 2017

The Dallas-Ft. Worth representative was extremely rude, confrontational, and unprofessional and left me waiting over 1 hr trying to track her down. Then she tries to bait me and speak over me when I tried to respond. She also tried to talk me out of the role as it was in the NE although I told her 2 times NE was fine. Then, she went after a really old resume from 2005 (e.g. 12+ yrs old) and telling me I didn't have the background anywhere and she didn't even allow me to respond and again spoke over me plus I told her the 12+ yr old resume was probably crafted for a generic CTO role then plus I tried to tell her that a person with my background who listed everything would have a 2K pg resume. Then, she came after me about my small start up that we sold and tried to dispute that and trying to tell me my start up never existed because we worked on emerging tech that we didn't publish all the details. Which most Silicon Valley Moonshot companies are secretive so their IP and ideas are not compromised in such a competitive market. The recruiter was so hostile and combative that I had to end the call and contact the client and the Vice Chairman of KF as a customer in the past of KF service; I wanted them to know they lost my business as well as my other partners business moving forward. Also, I will not recommend them ever again and suggest my various colleagues and former associates to work with other recruiting companies such as Spencer Stuart.

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