Johannesburg Post Office International Sectionplease contact me

On the 8/11/2018 I posted a registered a letter to Portugal at the Postnet at Saxby.
Today is the 06/12/2018 and that letter hasn't yet left the country. I here their is a back lock at Johannesburg International Depot. Guys it's unfair to the population to suffer because the post office is having problems. If they need to employ staff then they must do their jobs. the letter I sent to Portugal is a matter of life and death. Come post office to your jobs you get paid. It's nonsense to hold mail back now towards Christmas. Post Office services is very poor just do your jobs. Registration No: RA031762210ZA I would like to know how far is this letter to Portugal need feed back.

  • Updated by Promedis, Dec 06, 2018

    I need feed back on a letter registration no: RA031762210ZA

Dec 06, 2018

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