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2014 – To present Lecturer, Inaya Medical College, KSA, Riyadh.
Prepare PowerPoint presentations for multiple courses, that help students understand the practical and theoretical parts, by using appropriate text books and software packages for each course
Detailed achievements:
• Teaching Bio-Statistics course by using SPSS and Excel sheets for statistical analysis.
• Teaching Mathematics Pre-calculus.
• Teaching Computer Methods in Nuclear Medicine.
• Teaching Research Methods in Nuclear Medicine.
• Teaching Communication Skills in Healthcare.
• Active member in Faculty Development Unit FDU program.
• In the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment NCAAA Coordinator for Basic Medical Sciences BMS and Foundation Year FY department, Responsible about:
o Creating workshop for ILOs (Intended-Learning-Outcomes) Analysis and Questions Banks.
o Arrange and coordinate meeting to discuss how to make a unified version for each Course Specification in both sections MALE AND FEMALE.
o Mapping ILOs between all Programs Specification (RTS, EMS, CLS, DNT, NMT, NUR, RAD) and each course specification (From BMS and FY).
o Receiving all Course files in BMS and FY department and creating follow-up reports about it.
o Writing reports about E-Learning systems used in BMS and FY department.
o Creating presentation about Performance Evaluation for BMS and FY Department NCAAA Documentation and ILO’s Assessment, including these points:
♣ Introduction to BMS and FY and How They Worked for NCAAA Templates.
♣ Unification of all CSs in BMS and FY.
♣ Numbers of Courses Which Completed CSs on 2015 Templates.

♣ Number of Total CRs in which ILO Assessment was Carried Out.
♣ Issues and Challenges.
♣ Examples of Good Jobs.

o Vice-dean Assistant (Female Section), Responsible about:
♣ Exam Committee.
♣ Reviewing course specifications and course syllabus.
♣ Monitoring the quality assurance

Jan 24, 2017

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