https://www.capitalheight.comshare market fake calls and looting money over phone calls

hi people

this is bhagwat.i am trying to aware you guys there are so many fraud out there who are there to loot you.people who know share market will understand this issue.
I am writhing about here only one company but there are so many out there like this company

incident happened with me:
I have got call from this company rohit patil named perso was talking on that side he said if I take their company paid service, they will give you right calls based on their company research.
guys, this is first trap .secondy he told me thers is offer period is going on if pay *** amount we will give you discount or higher calls .
I can not write whole scenario but they are real fraud and bluffmasters .they have so many traps to get money from us . they use our emotions and our situation, but please never too dump to get trapped again in their trap

below is my no. call me if anybody need information on this
[protected] -bhagwat(Mumbai)

Dec 02, 2018

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