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Have been noted complaints in here as scams and have multiple sites. I sent them money and aver never receive replies. I sent them the money and have not received nay shipment or product.
The cell number is :[protected]

Like others, I have searched for online places to purchase medical marijuana, because of multiple medical issues. These people responded to my questions until, they got my money, and now refuse to return calls or my money...they are scams...I tell people they should never trust this company

  • Updated by duet609, Jun 22, 2017

    they r a scam...I hear they have multiple sites and look ligit but I have left msgs, emails, voice messages mad no reply and no product received
    They have not returned any emails, even though they have a flashing notice to check my email. The cell number is 1762810007

    I an not find their actual physical address or zip code

Jun 23, 2017

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