Grand View of Las Vegas NV Timeshare / Rip off

1 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, US

Im so tired of taking calls from customers that bought from this company. A lot my my angry customer complain about not being able to book their vacations when they need them.
My name is Ed Galang, a project director for the Filipino line. I was promised that I will be given just the Filipino and Hawiian people to sell to( beacause they are easy to sell and have good jobs). Now that promised is gone. They started giving us hispanic, blacks and Indians, people that are always broke.

I left a good career to take this job. im so unhappy with this company in that regards.

Another problem I have with them is that they dont allow us to use our phones in the building. Ive had situation that a family was calling me for emergency reason at the main line and they did not call me to let me know. So frustrated and i wanted to sue.

Anyway, does anyone know If I can sue this company. All information and advice will be appreciated.
Im afraid to be wrongful terminated. I am seeking for help.

Im looking for a lawyer to sue this for me and to protect the consumers.

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