G.I. Movers Grand International Furniture Moving Co LLCmoving company employing reckless irresponsible and incompetent staff

P Nov 22, 2017

This is a warning to anybody hiring GI Movers based in Mussafah Abu Dhabi. They provide the worst, most stressful moving experience I've ever had in my years in the UAE.

Their :Anytime anywhere, feel stress free with Grand International Movers" is a big joke and lie.

First they are almost 1 hour late.
Then either they would not read the map and get lost on a very clear and correct location. Security in the bldg I moved in &plus tenants overhearing him talk to the lead mover were laughing at the lead mover's lack of comprehension and stupidity in following instructions how to get to my new place.
They did a terrible job with reinstalling furniture, they just rush to finish without consideration to your items .
Then they left the curtain in my room even after telling them to take it twice. Later I found out they left or lost a lot of my personal items.
Their lead mover is plain stupid lacks common sense, and ignorant even his own colleagues were laughing at him at times

Their manager is Giju George
Managing Director
Grand International Furniture Moving Co LLC
Tel : +[protected], Fax : +[protected]
Toll Free : 800GIMCO ([protected])

Inspite of my complaints he has not responded much less apologized for the horrible experience I had with his staff

Hire them at your own risk.

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