Frijid Pink LLC, Made in Detroit / Bad Product

1 Allen Park, MI, United States

I am utterly disappointed and dismayed by your latest communication.Frijid Pink has completed several orders with Disc Makers. On the strength of this history we had confidence when placing the latest order that your company would follow through with good results. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN! One of the conditions agreed on was in-house production of the vinyl.THIS DID NOT HAPPEN! When timing of the proof copies was not as expected I was assured that Disc Makers would follow up with good results. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN! ( even thickness of the vinyl of the proof is not consistent with the finished product ) The product, as received, is not of a quality sufficient to be used for distribution. The product that you are now storing was shipped to you for evaluation. ( you ADMITTED the product was bad and still expect me to sell it ) Please refund the entire amount!

Rick Stevers Owner Frijid Pink LLC

May 20, 2015

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