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On 12/18/15, I paid my $1.00 toll on Route 78 Westbound as I crossed the toll plaza from New Jersey into Pennsylvania. The toll collector took over one minute to take my $1.00 bill from my hand after the car before me had already paid. He appeared to be young and very inexperienced. He finally took my $1.00 bill and thanked me, so I drove off. Subsequently, I received an EZ Pass toll violation notice in the mail in the amount of $31.00. I called the telephone number on the violation notice and spoke with a customer service representative because I was extremely upset that I was being billed a $31.00 violation fee after having paid my $1.00 toll. I asked to speak with a supervisor, but after holding on the line for 2 minutes, the customer service agent, Tara, told me that the supervisor said there was nothing he could do if I didn't have proof of my payment in the form of a receipt even though I had the eyewitness testimony of a passenger in my vehicle. I have never requested a receipt before when going through that same toll plaza and never before received a violation until now. I don't have an EZ Pass and always stay to the right of the toll plaza where the signs read "EZ Pass or Cash". It isn't my fault that the toll collector was an inexperienced, inept novice with inadequate training and failed to record my $1.00 payment. I ended up having to pay another $1.00 over the phone with my credit card after Tara waived the $30.00 administrative fee. This is highway robbery! You need to train your toll collectors adequately so that they record each customers' payment correctly. The burden of proof should not be on the customer! In the same way that your cameras record each vehicles' license plate, there should be cameras in place that record an image of the customer handing the toll collector the cash to prevent this highway robbery from occurring! Now, I will be forced to request a paper receipt each time pay my toll! I should not have had to pay the $1.00 toll again via credit card when I had already paid it on 12/18/15! My violation number is T201519574727-01. The executive board of the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission should implement measures to assure that this does not continue occurring to innocent, unsuspecting consumers who are being unjustifiably robbed and being forced to pay the toll twice!

Jan 7, 2016

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