Dr. Ram S. GargExcessive pain by hand of Dr.

Back Pain: I asked for a Dr. Or a prescription for a quartezon shot He said he could do that in office. Several years ago I had these shots (3 each time) at a clinic or hostpital. I was give an anesthetic and 3 shots. Dr. Garg come into the room pushed a needle in my back. While he was pushing on the sorest part of my back for 2-3 minutes . I was screaming and crying. After he asked me 2 times if I was ok. I could not answer. He left the room . The assistant helped me off the table . She handed me a prescription and I left still crying. I was in tears for 15 mins. after I left the Dr.'s office. He has a pattern of hurting my back every time I go there. I am looking for a new neurologist. He also was giving me anti- depressants and angsiety medicine. I have a Dr. who gives me that kind of medication. I always give him a list of new meds. When I go there . He said they were anti-depressants. Dr. Garg is the worst Dr. ever. I had no anista. No sterile inviorment. This happened yesterday. [protected]. I still can hardly get to the restroom today. I am in severe pain. The shot is suppose to releave pain. Please help he deals with mentally challenged people. If he does this to me., what is he doing to them? Rustina Schenavar [protected]. [protected]

Feb 12, 2015

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