Debt Free Associates / I found out that this company had an “F” rating

I engage with Debtfree Associates with the understanding that they would negotiate settlements with my creditors to pay-off my outstanding credit bills. During my time frame with them they manage to pay off one creditor and the rest of the money was paid to them. I’m in court now because they would not help me with one of my creditors. The agreement was that I would not go to court on any of these accounts that they would protect me, which was a lie. After further research on the company through BBB, I found out that this company had an “F” rating and never brought accounts to closure and has 41 complaints on record, which can be reviewed by the public. I’m not please and is still faced with the creditors calling me. Now I have to start all over again trying to get the creditors paid and getting my credit back in shape.


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