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1 Manteca, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 209-275-8590

I was almost a customer of but fortunately didn't buy a puppy from them. I am a 22 year old Stanford graduate majoring in computer science. I have complied the below report to protect people from making the mistake I almost made.

If you want picture proof of the liklihood of the scams discussed at the below links, here it is.
/link removed/
/link removed/
You can view the pictures of the below emails at:

Here is a summary of the relevant information:

My Email to Her:
Thank you for the video! After some thought I decided that I definitely would like to buy Gizmo!
However, I did some research and came across the negative internet posts about you. I have added the links below. I remember that you mentioned this is another breeder slandering you, but as it is all online, there is no way to confirm whose side of the story is true. 
I read through the contract and you state:  " I refuse sale to anyone who I perceive  feels distrustful, so please choose either to trust and feel good about me, or find another breeder. Why even attempt to  buy from any breeder you feel you can't trust?" After the online posts, I would normally go to another breeder, but I have fallen for Gizmo and I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt. 
As a result of this, I will only buy Gizmo if I can come to your home, meet you and Gizmo, see your breeding operation, and meet Gizmo's parents and some of your other teacup chihuahuas. If everything checks out, I can give you half of the cost of Gizmo in cash upon this visit after signing two paper versions of the contract (one for me and one for you). As you mentioned that you might sell him before my potential visit the weekend after next, I am wondering if I could come this Friday (5/22). Meeting you and Gizmo and seeing for myself the internet posts are not true would calm all my worries. Additionally, if everything checks out, I would be happy to write posts on the below forums providing evidence in your favor and a contact email for potential future customers to confirm I am a real buyer of one of your puppies. 
I understand the concern you expressed about strangers in your home and possibly stealing puppies, but I assure you I am trustworthy. I am a Stanford grad and a computer programmer starting work at Apple in October. Here are links to my social media accounts for proof:

(removed for privacy, included my facebook, my linked in, and my boyfriend's facebook) 

The Worrisome Links:
/link removed/
/link removed/
God bless,
Joanie (removed for privacy)

Her Responses (with no responses from me in between):
Did you read my contract like I mentioned? I do not usually sell to people that feel they need to point out those articles. Do you not think I am well aware of them?

Sent from my iPad
This is a two way street and your money doesn't mean anything to me

You do need to go elsewhere. You should never offend someone that as a precious living

Soul you want. Money? That isn't important to me. Good luck finding someone you can trust

Maybe do a bit of research on who owns [redacted], and you should have read my contract to

Disclosures. You also spent time on the phone with me and you are unable to form your own

Opinions? I sold a puppy for $6000 and they had the courtesy not to being up such

Pain and injury to me. Please educate yourself and then develop empathy toward those

Who have suffered greatly from cyber terror. You obviously feel I am after your money and

You made a grave  mistake. You must be very young and have much yet to learn

I have a website page you could have read to which address the online character

Assassination. My harasser is a breeder masquerading as buyers and has multiple

Felony records. I just sold four puppies in the last two weeks and they all range $3000 area

I do not need to be insulted and offended by young people who do not do their

Full Research first, but assume, and  then speak  boldly without any thought of harming another the same time you assume, as a breeder I am drooling over your money

And you fail to see this is a two way street and how fortunate you are to have one of my babies,

Every person that buys from me is well aware of what you speak of, as I mentioned before,

They are kind and would not mention such a tragic experience. You should have read

My contract and disclosures and my page on website. I am assuming you did not,

I have a right to refuse sale.

Good luck

Sent from my iPad
I am repulsed. I would feel unsafe with your character of condemning and judging.
You can read this we page I created years ago. Like I said you must be just above teenage years as it would not be possible for you to be past the mid twenties. Most of the people
I sell to are in their thirties to seventies. I just recently sold to a sweet young person though in twenties and we just chatted away about the horror I went through online. Plenty of consumers
Say they buy from me DUE to the criminal cyber abuse I went through. Most all my references mention it and call it nonsense. My contract disclosure REVEALS it NOT hide it
Lol it is so funny that you act like you just " found" or ran into the defamation. WASNT it my contract that REVEALED this defamation to you? It WASNT you finding it yourself. Or unlikely.
I have kids your age 22 and you simply MUST to be this age group, but I still can't excuse you as you need to learn from.consequences. I have filed police reports so the online terror finally came to an end after a decade of five breeders trying to drive me offline. Maybe you will run into one of them as a couple are in Ca and they have changed their websites to hide from the criminal attacks on me. My advice is to Run a criminal background check on them :) See the felonies. LoL
Below is a link, but after seeing your reaction to my honesty and disclosure ( while you act like YOU found the info) that offers strong proof you do nit have the ability to take much out of any information provided to you,
Sent from my iPad

Debra Borassa / Bourassa

May 20, 2015

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