Dan Howell Travel Inc / The WORST - Booked and had nightmares with agents

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We booked our last trip with Dan Howell. The first part of our trip was a NIGHTMARE and that's all we talk about after 2 weeks that should have be a trip of a life time! The hotel staff would come out to the smoking deck next to our room and party after they got of work at 2 AM and when we asked them to keep it down they laughed and just got louder. We asked the hotel front desk if they could move us and to their credit they did but it was to a room with washed off blood stains that were on the sheets in the new room. They did replace the stained sheets to their credit. Dan Howell would not return our calls and in fact implied that we were complaining too much about the hotel. Can you imaging your travel agent telling you are are a bad client? What ever you do don't put yourself in this situation... use ANYONE else!

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