Colorado bar association / payment of award

1 Denver, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 3038601115

I contracted with the bar association to settle a fee dispute with an attorney. The dispute was settled and an award was given to the attorney. I received a letter from the Legal fee arbitration committee Co -Chair
stating that I owe the attorney $633.80 plus statutory interest on the award from the date of the award.
The date of the award is 4/12/2012. I was notified by mail that the attorney was entitled to an award plus interest from the date of the award. I received the letter on 4/25/2012. The post mark on the envelope shows 04/23/2012.
I called a Richard to discuss this error. He stated that the bar committee can charge any amount they want and I will have to pay. I believe this is not ethical, dishonest and not legal telling me I have to pay whether I knew anything about this matter or not. This Richard is telling me the post office took 11 days to post mark the envelope.

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