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Please be so kind to accept this complaint and send a reference number.

On 22/09/2017 11:35 CET I have bought the car Ref: 2369214 - Audi A3 Sportback 1.8t Fsi Attraction from that was presented as in the attached printcar.pdf. In the cardamagereportforcustomer.pdf it is clearly explained that the car has no problems.
On The very moment when I was informed about the arrive I come to see it. Since it was on the platform many problems at the car were found, photos were taken, there also mentioned on the CMR (written down).

On the first working day the car was taken to the Audi representatives to check it and provide a cost estimation to bring the in the working status. In parallel to this there was a claim for damages opened to
There was created claim: 2369214 with the money compensation reference: 18866. The complaint is the following:

I contact you regarding the car I bought:
Reference: 2369214 - Audi A3 Sport back 1.8t Fsi Attraction
Chassis series: WAUZZZ8P1AA047386 that have arrived Saturday, 07/10/2017.
I want to report officially that the below car arrived with the following problems:
• Battery in short, it’s not working
• Windscreen completely broken
• Right light broken ( seems to have been crashed), clamped clamps left opened and xenon bulb inoperative
• All lights in board are on indicating several problems
• The engine does not idle
• The plastic is missing from the left door (drivers side) it seems it was removed in a rush as the door has several scratches and was caught back badly leaving loose screws and clips
• The armrest is completely missing
• The rear seat cover is broken
The mentioned problems have been noticed since the car arrived on the platform of Titanic entity, were completed, written down in the CRM and photos have been taken also. None of the discovered problems were mentioned in the selling announce number: 2369214.
I took the car to the representative of Audi Romania ( today, service counselor bogdan.[protected] for an inspection and an service estimate. I was informed that I should receive an estimation from their side until Wednesday. Until than I have attached here the mentioned photos.
Please be so kind to also check this and find out a possibility to solve this issue.
The estimated amount of money will be delivered after I receive the results from Audi Romania inspection.
There is also the platform driver testimony sustaining in local language: " Eu ti-am spus, aseara am lasat-o si 3 ore pornita si tot nu mergea" meaning that he had tried for almost 3 hours before delivering the car to start it and with no success.
I look forward for your resolution. I will come back with the cost estimation as soon as I receive it from Audi Romania (, service counselor bogdan.[protected]

In a short time there was the cost estimation received from Audi and sent to Since than no answer was received from COTW.

Since the car was paid integrally, extra money were spent on the local assurance for the minimum accepted of 6 months 200 euro. Another 200 euro was paid at Audi representative for the technical inspection and cost estimation. A lot of my time was waste with this and I find it stressful, I lost some of my planned projects as I had no transportation available and therefore a lot of money were lost. More than this, several times I have tried to contact COTW by phone and few times I could get with them in touch.
There are the proving bills for the mentioned amounts of money.
There is almost a month since I have the entire amount of money blocked on a car that is not working, I had to pay extra money for the inspection and taxes and I really had plans with this car that were putted down. Please be so kind and check this.

For any question feel free to contact me directly here or on the phone: : +[protected]
I look forward for a amiable solving of this unpleaseant situation. In order to make sure this problem will be solved I see miself in the unpleasant situation to consult also a lawyer and proceed all the needed steps to solve this out.

Best regards,
Dragoș Orheanu

Mobile: +[protected]
Email: dragos.[protected]

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