Born BootsMan made leather upper odor

I purchased two Born Boots from HSN. They are beautiful and comfortable and mostly leather. The boots are normally over $200, so I used a month payment plan. The highly reputable company was based in Sweden and I have always enjoyed their leather. These two mail order boots emit a strong smell of gasoline that many have complained about previously. The smell comes from the leather strips along the zippers, the leather bands along the heel, and the rubber soles. The smell is absolutely putrid and cannot be contained by the box. I have tried several methods that would normally work on strong odors, but to no avail. Clean socks, baking powder, tea bags, Downy spray, newspaper, sunlight, dryer sheets, leather cleaner, nothing works. The smell is so bad, that if I tuck my jeans into my socks, then into my Born boots, they will also get the gasoline smell from the Made In China fake petroleum leather. I bought one pair in black and it smells way worse than the gray/taupe boots. SO SAD! I cannot return the boots, but I have not given up hope that the smell will someday fade. It has been over two months and they still smell pretty strong. I will no longer buy boots online.

Born Boots

Jan 18, 2015

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