Bestmed Medical Aid / Wont admit my child

1 South Africa

My daughter sits now more for than a week with heart cramps, now when it is time for her to go to hospital for some tests aswell as a treatment bestmed wont admit my child. They would rather wait until she dies before they will help us. As for first time members of this scheme I am shocked to say the least. Because of the fact that there are tests involved which can be done in the rooms they wont admid her. They will only admid her for treatment. This is the first opening the docter can see her and it is the hospital itself the first opening is in June is his rooms., Now I ask you, if you collapse and the ambulance will come and get you, in the hospital there is tests to done before they can treat you, that the medical aid will pay but other wise you have to die before they will admit you which is shocking. In the meantime my daughter is losing school work because she is to ill to atend school. what must I do before anybody listens to me. I had to givethe doctors practice number more than 3 times as well as the Icd10code. They absolutely do not listen when you speak to them. All they worry about is a treatment plan. Everything else they do have.

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