[Resolved] Bangor High Risemanagement

manager Linda Kellerman!!
much friction in building with tenants due to improper management
hostility and tenants very unhappy due to groups, clicks, discrimination and
particiality by manager. poor maintaining by staff.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bangor, PARepresenter needs to confront people of the building!elderly fear of saying anything due to being told to leave even if not so! tenants always arguing amongst themselves EXSTREAMLY UNCOMFORTABLE TO LIVE HERE!! I'm sure it's been said to Interstate Realty in the past but its been over looked.Finally next step will be brought to the Newspaper if no justice is being resolved for elderly people who must live here and have no option to leave.

  • Resolution Statement

    i made a mistake looking to made a complaint to interstate realty

May 05, 2017

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