autopage irene mall / Does not pay out even if I have Insurance

1 pretoria, South Africa

I was highjacked and my phone stole. I put in a claim bu when I got to Irene Mall Autopage the said the gould only rwolace it with a tablet! I did not want a tablet. They told me to take it since they have allready booked it out of my name! A few months later my car was broken into and it was stole. When I got to them they inform se since ny tel sim was not in my tablet it was not insured. R10 000 down the drain. They did not inform me when I got the tablet that my phones sim should be in it. Honestly who phones with their tablet? I then had to go and buy a cash phone. I was still insured with Autopage. And put my sim into the new phone. The screen of that phone is now cracked. Autopage will not repair it because I did not buy the phone from them. Nobody told me that either. They are not coming back to me and they keep on deducting the insurance. If they said the tablet was not insured I would have cancell that insurance and used our personal insurance that insure my husbands ipad! Autopage does not take responsibility I put in a complaint 3 weeks ago. No feedback. I am disguste d they cost me R15000 and counting!

Jan 17, 2015

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