Atlas Khodro / Sorento 2016

1 Iran


I have got a Sorento 2016 with the ref number: G4KJFA645040 from Atlas khodro in Tehran/Iran. I haven't had any problem with my car and I was very satisfied with it. About a couple of weeks ago, i went to the beach with my car and it got stuck. I tried to get out but only the anterior wheels were turning and not the rear wheels. I tried to use the 4Wd key but it didn't work. So i called the car assistance but until yƄtheir arrival it took about one hour and during this time, due to high sea waves, warer penetrated into the car.

The company here that i have the guarantee from, doesn't accept that the problem was lack of 4wd key working and thinks that the problem was penetrating the water into the car, meanwhile this has happened because of the car stuck and the 4wd key not working. I even went to the central office of kia motors in Karaj, but they told me that they are not accepting it with the guarantee.
It is about 2 weeks now that i have my car in the guarage and have not recieved any confirmed decision about my car.

I hope you can help me with this to be able to sort out this problem as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Azadeh Ebrahimi

May 2, 2017

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