AdvangateRefund for charges obtained in an untruthful manner

On February 14, 2016, while using a recently purchased HP laptop, a white out rectangle appeared on the screen. I was told to call [protected] in order to solve the problem. Not knowing what to do, I called the number and spoke to Agent #10. He said he was a windows expert. He proceeded to identify this problem as "the blue screen of death"! If services were not performed to address this problem that my laptop would be damaged. I asked him what right did he have to freeze my laptop in this manner! What right did he have to keep me from making contact with my family and friends! He insisted that the laptop would be damaged. I asked him what did I need to do? He said for 279.00 for 6 month service they would clear the viruses from my laptop. I informed him that I had not paid that much for the laptop so why should I pay that kind of fee. He said for 209.00, I could have the viruses removed. I was afraid. Knowing I could cancel the contract within 3 days, I complied. I wanted to use my laptop so that I could seek help and to ask for advice. I was sent to Agent #7 at [protected]. I was informed I could receive 3 extra months service if I donated to a hungry children's fund. I complied knowing that I had time to cancel. Agent #7 informed me that if anyone asked questions about this contact, I was not to give any information. After about 40 minutes of controlling the laptop, the white out was removed and I was in control of my laptop again. After seeking advice and reading lots of negative reviews about the windows experts, I called within the 3 day time limit and spoke with Agent #10 informing him of my cancellation. He insisted on his point of view! I hung up the phone. Knowing that I was in the time limit and fully expected that the charges would not appear on my bank statement, I was disappointed when the charges did appear. I informed the bank and asked for the dispute inquiry statement. I was informed that I will be receiving the refund for 3.99. I expect that the 209.00 charges will be refunded also. In the meantime, I have made a report to the Better Business Bureau and have been informing my friends to be aware of white outs on their devices. For others, like myself, who are being "high jacked" in our homes, by shady, unethical business deals to obtain services, Do not call back. Call the Support personnel who manufactured your purchase. They will solve your problem the "fair" way!

Apr 10, 2016

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