929-421-0006 / Con-artist

1 458 Helene Ave , Shirley, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 929-421-0006

This person not sure what her name is because she uses so many, sold me 2 breeding pairs of African Greys. She swore that they had bred for her and has 3-5 babies per clutch and 3-4 clutches a year. As it turned out one pair where two females and the other were imports too old to breed. Both pairs had a laundry list of diseases and one died. Please don't buy anything from this proven con-artist.
Some of the names she uses: Robin Schulder, Michelle Fasio, Dawn, Danielle, Tiffany. She uses many locations, Shirley NY, New Brunswick NJ, long Island NY. Buyer beware, look up the complaints under these names. Her sick birds will get you sick along with any other animal it comes in contact with. This is my main complaint is spreading all of the lethal diseases.

Sep 23, 2014

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