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Dear Sir, I had 3 encounters with the security personnel and extremely disappointed with their behavior while they were on duty at T2 On 1 Oct' & about 1pm.

While entering the restricted zone after checking in, I handed over my docs to the policeman for verification. The policeman kept talking to his colleagues nearby while he went through motion of verification. I think at least he should stop talking when doing security checks.

After I entered the restricted zone, I saw 3 to 4 personnel chatting loudly around the passport scanners. And there's this big size lady kept on talking so loud & basically shouting across my face in order to reach her friends opposite her. She even slammed her hand on the scanner when the conversation became too excited! I couldn't believe what I saw! Were I in a market? You can talk, but not so loudly & should stop talking when there are passengers. Please show some professionalism in your work.

Lastly, after clearing the thumb print machine, I encounter 2 uniformed security personnel walking towards their colleagues at the passport scanners, again...talking loudly.

It might be lunch time, & it is perfectly alright to talk among colleagues. However, when you're on duty, at least you shouldn't behave as above. Don't take security for granted please. The above incident may also reflect badly on our airport security image.

Please look into this matter in oder to uphold our Changi airport reputation. Thank you!


Oct 01, 2019

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