BriMarbri mar dump trailer 12ft

T Aug 12, 2018

Purchased a 2014 Bri mar dump trailer. Painter and powdercoating is spelling and falling off in sheets. From a disstance the powder coating looks ok but up close very small pinholes over the entire surface has started to rust out from underneath the powder coating. With a power washer we were able to expose the rust and the extent of the damage. The bed rails that run the width of the bed are damaged from the rust. We are able to powerwash the rails and underside with dump bed raised up, but not sure how we will be able to reach and power wash the rails closer to the gate without a lift. The damage is extensive. This trailer was seldom used in winter. It appears that no prepping was ever done before the powder coating was applied. It was if the rusting had already started and dealership just powdercoated over it

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