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7:08 am EDT

Allomatic Products Gearbox repair problems

On 2 June 09 my Musso 4x4 was booked in for checkup on the auto box as I could not find reverse gear from time to time. I was quoted R15000 for repairs and accepted the quote. After numerous calls to Rika and a lot of stories they told me mid July that they could not find the problem after replacing certain spares quoted for. They then took the 4x4 to Sammyong Bryanston and after 2 months I was told by Sammyong that my invoice now amounted to R35000 before I can collect my 4x4. I am trying to run my business without transport for 4 months without my vehicle and running into losses! Sammyong told me that a Ford Ranger's valve body was wrongly fitted into my gearbox by All-o-matic, which incurred into other electrical and computerised damages. The 4x4 is currently still with Sammyong and I'm now told there is a throttle control sensor problem - which I did not have before? Somebody messed up horrendously! . Please help to sort out the problem to find out who is responsible for the account as All-o-matic already admitted that I don't have to pay their R15000 for the spares fitted by them because they could not fix my 4x4.

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