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6:11 pm EDT

Alaska Digitel LLC Bill-padding and Fraud

My family purchased a 2yr plan back in 2006 from Alaska Digitel. The plan included 1700 minutes split between three phones, text messaging on two of the phones, and free calls between all three of them. Since we rarely use our phones for anything other than calling each other (helps mother keep tabs on her children), we have never had a legitimate bill where we used all of our minutes.

Since starting the plan, we've seen a variety of fraudulent charges ranging from out-of-state calls we never made to over-usage. They once even claimed that one of the three phones was not on the plan and had actually charged $1000 dollars worth of phone calls, which was completely incorrect and it took going in to the store in person to straighten things out.

We set up a deal one month where (we were financially strapped that month) we would make payments and leave a check with the clerk to file at a later date, after a promise from the manager. They promptly filed it the next day and caused a slough of bounced checks.

The latest offense has them accusing us of using DOUBLE our allotted minutes which literally doubles our phone bill from around $200 a month to $400. This is the last straw. Our plan ends in a month and we will not be renewing.

The company commits fraud and pads bills with illegitimate charges, makes promises and doesn't keep them. They are not a good company! Avoid Alaska DigiTel! There are far better cellphone companies within Alaska.

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