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Good day
Will truly appreciate your help.
My name is Galina Barshay
I had file tax with TurboTax intuit
My husband and my joine income is less then $36.000.00 a year.
At the beginning of file their was a question:
Do u want to file basic or deluxe
Our tax are very simple
I had answer: BASIC
But at the end I get only two choices: to pay now or later -$39.99 and nothing about free basic
In addition their were two choices:
To mail or email federal and state tax.
Their were NO one word about the charges of $39.99 for federal and $39.99 for state
As you can understand with our income every $$ we are counting
I made a very stupid decision to allow them to withdraw money from my refund - total $119.99
I had called to customer services and have two case numbers:
People were kind but no help in order for me to get my money back $119.99
Please, help my husband and me to get those money back that we are counting
My husband and me are both getting SS and I need to work in order to pay our bills
Looking forward to hear from you soon

Feb 26, 2019

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