TCP Mediation Economic Crime Departmentthreat made to me by cindy richardson

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I received a call from Cindy Richardson on [protected] at 930 am on 8/13/18, who said she is from TCP Mediation Economic Crime Department located at 19825 North Cove Rd., Cornelius NC 28031. She said she was calling me about a mattress that I rented from Aaron's Rental Co 2 yrs ago, when I requested for Aaron's to come and pick up the mattress no one ever came. On 8/13/18 I received this call from Cindy Richardson saying that if I didn't pay her $600 within 3 hours of this call she was having a warrant sent out for my arrest and she was going to have my kids taken away from me. I asked what crime I committed she told me I have stolen property from Aaron's. When I asked for company name she hung up phone. I called back at 3 pm on 8/13/18 I was told she was in a meeting, When I called back another person who answered gave me the company name and address above. Cindy Richardson called me back at 5 pm from [protected] she said I now owe $6000, I told her at 930 am you said it was $600. I looked online for this company but no information appears. Can you please investigate this for me.

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    Cindy Richardson called me 8/14/18 at 106 pm from 512-827-3695, said she doesn't want to discuss this matter any further since I have filed a complaint against her for threatening me about taking my kids from me and for stating she was sending out a warrant for my arrest per conversation on 8/13/18. She claims that she is not with a collection agency and she is doing mediation work for Aaron's to resolve this debt between me and the company. I told her she keeps hanging up in my face so we can not get anything resolved with her bad attitude and non-professionalism. She claims to have conversation on tape but did not tell me she was taping the conversation on 8/13 or 8/14/18 which I know is against the law.


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    9wood Aug 14, 2018

    don't see anything under that name
    the number was blocked out so cant search that
    would search the number she used
    personally seems a scam to me

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    9wood Aug 14, 2018

    goes to a postnet shipping place

    the address

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