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I started seeing this dentist a few years ago. They did a lot of work on me.

When we first started, I asked that everything be done shall be covered by insurance, and for them to verify and assure such.

The dentist is very pushy, and very often I would come in to have one procedure done, and he would just do something else, or do the scheduled procedure and then start doing some other procedure without my consent.

The dentist did a procedure that turned up to be "not covered" by my insurance. The dentist has been billing me for it ever since. I have spoken to my insurance company and the dentist on a number of occasions regarding this.

My last conversation with my former insurance, they had asked that I have the dentist send over an appeal and they would look into paying the claim if the dentist could present his case that it was a "necessary procedure".

I spoke to my dentist and relayed what the insurance company requested in great detail, that he was to submit an official appeal letter and supporting documents including x-rays in order to receive payment. He said he would be very happy to help and that he would do this. I also asked that he send me a copy for my records.

I never received a copy of this appeal. It now been over a year and this dentist continues to harass me for payment.

I felt I was pushed into and forced into a lot of procedures at this place and do not feel responsible for the money owed.

Furthermore, I have been to other dentists since who have informed me that some of the work has not been completed. How can they bill me without actually finishing the work?

One of the caps have actually even fallen off and had to have a new dentist repair the tooth, as Springfield Dental Associates LLC do not take my current insurance and would not honor fixing the damaged tooth.

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