Macey’sonline sales - foolish practices on the part of macy’s

E Sep 13, 2018

I am shocked to see how Macy's handles their online sales. I've only purchased in store and this is my first time purchasing online. Obviously, I'll never do it again.

I purchased a bag on sale for nearly $200. I knew it was coming to a local store for pick up but I didn't know when and I wondered what was going on. Eventually, I stumbled across a notification to an email that I don't check very often and I found out I only had two days to pick it up. I have never heard of such a set up where you buy something and pick it up at a local store, only to find put that you have a very short period of time to pick it up. So I was unprepared for the situation and I did not have time in those two days to physically pick it up. If I had realized that Macy's set things up this way, I would have simply had the item shipped to me.

Two nights in a row I called to ask them to please work with me on a time to pick it up. Both nights I was repeatedly sent to a number that no one ever answers - and I called well before closIng. I followed up with a response to their received and notification email explaining the problem, but no one replied.

Now I find out they're refunding me and telling me the bag is no longer available for pick up. I am disappointed because I was very excited about this bag but I am shocked that they're walking away from a $200 sale. How are they still in business?

This was nearly as bad is my Sears barbecue purchase where I figured I lost eight hours of my life to bad equipment and replacement issues. This experience reminds me why I purchase from Nordstrom most of the time.

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