Lake Terrace JLT / unruly behavior of the building manager

1 Lake Terrace Towers,Cluster D,JLT, United Arab Emirates

Date : 17/03/2019
Building Manager Name : Abdul Madi
Description of the incident : I went to the reception regarding my passkey not working and the receptionist guided me to meet Raja in the supervisor's room. Upon entering the room, I was received by the building manager Abdul who rudely and sternly asked me "who sent you here?" as if I have disturbed what he was doing. I politely said, the receptionist asked me to meet Raja regarding the issue of my passkey not working. To which, he pointed at Raja and said "he is Raja." Thereafter, I told Raja the problem of my passkey not working, to which Raja politely started to figure out the reason for teh key not working. He asked me if I had submitted all the documents while occupying the rented accomodation in Lake Terrace to which I replied, yes we did. He then told me that his record says that the flat is still vacant which was a surprise as we have been staying in the flat for almost 9 months now. He then that the key may not be working said because you have not registered in the portal. I was taken aback as :
1. I have been residing in the apartment for almost 9 months
2. the portal was launched barely a month back.
3. the non working of the key was attributed to the probability of non registeration on the portal and was not a permanent solution to my problem.

To this, I asked Abdul all of a sudeen if a new policy has come up, why should the already residing resident suffer. It is no where written that if one doesnt register on the portal, the residents will have to face problem starting from even entering the premises. To which Abdul got very rude and kept arguing with me. He kept giving me smirks and I kept telling him you should listen to the residents problems by at least not being rude without any reason. He went on to say that even if I register on, he will not let my registration go through and will notgive me the key. He was sincerely very very rude. he didn't give me his visiting card and when I told him I will speak to his boss, he said go wherever you want, nobody is going to listen to you. This is a very helpless situation.
I fail to understand why does Damac hire such people who do not know how to behave with the residents. He had an ideology that I am treating him like a slave, and its supremely surprising that questioning and asking to get my problem resolved is given such an imagery.
I condemn the rudeness displayed by the building manager Abdul Madi and request the Damac authorities to kindly take strict action against this unruly behavior with the resident. Although, I am still doubtful if my problem is ever going to get resolved or not. I hope my voice is heard through this portal.

Mar 18, 2019

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