Home and Garden Networkfixer upper

For the love of God will you STOP airing Fixer Upper constantly! It's on 7 hours STRAIGHT. And then it's on all day Tuesday, Saturday and other days. There are other shows I'm sure your proramming department can reach into the top hat and pull out any number of shows for us to watch. This is getting ridiculous. You still haven't showed Boise Boys past episode 11 and I went online and there are 13 in total. The last aired August 27th, why is that? And Selling in New Orleans, you aired one episode and then no more. What in the world is going on? It's time for new programs and variety on your channel. I like Halloween. Years ago HGTV went to Orlando and filmed competitions with Bakers winning 10k, what happened to those types of show for Halloween. It's turned into a hoiday you've forgotten aobut. HGTV has turned into a network of flipping shows that are conducted from various parts of the country. There are gardens, arts and crafts... the show is afterall called Home and Garden TV.

Oct 01, 2019

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