Globaltrader365rip off and scam

S Sep 01, 2018

I think we should start being wise about the binary options trader we invest with. I actually came across a binary broker who claimed he was a trusted broker from globaltrader365 so I decided to give them a trial by investing about $7400:00 with them but when I claimed withdrawal they always come up with stories it was until then I knew I was scammed through a Good Samaritan I stumbled on mr Anthony Walters he was able to help me claim 85% of my long gone investment which I thought I lost already. If your broker starts telling you to make more payment before you can make withdrawal I think that means you've already been scammed by your broker but I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you can reach Mr Anthony through his mail [protected]@protonmaildotcom he'd be able to help you reclaim your money even if you can't get all but at least he could help you get more than 80% of it.

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