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S Dec 05, 2018
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Is there a builder - consumer court nexus working against the consumers??

For the past 10 years I have been fighting for my money and justice in the consumer courts against dlf but I am realising that it is almost impossible to get justice from these courts.

Ncdrc was formed in 1988 under the consumer protection act of 1986 with the objective of protecting the interests of consumers.

However, my experience is that today ncdrc and its other subordinate consumer courts are just doing the opposite and are helping the powerful builders and corporates instead... From whom they were actually supposed to protect us, the consumers. By and large justice is being delayed and denied to the consumers.

In my meeting with many consumers in the courts and even advocates I find that their experience is quite similar to mine though most won't come out in the open to admit it for fear of reprisal by these courts.
This injustice is surely happening on a massive scale with thousands and lakhs of home buyers suffering in these courts.


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    Does the ordinary citizen get justice in these consumer courts?

    I am fairly well educated with a masters degree in economics.

    I have been in the Civil services the Indian economic service 1982 batch and the Indian audit and accounts service 1983 batch.

    I am fairly articulate and enlightened and thus privileged more than the average consumer

    I am a 64 your old senior citizen and have been treated for cancer in 2005... Any reasonable Courts would have considered these facts more sympathetically.

    I could afford a decent advocate for 9 years but have spent 5-6 lakh (apart from the unending agony of 10 years). however, I don't have anymore money left to hire advocates to fight my case.

    Despite this I cannot get justice in 10 years. I wonder What happens to the ordinary man...the illiterate, the semi-illiterate or even the literate for whom law and courts are Abracadabra or enigma.

    the ordinary man stands very little chance of getting justice in these consumer courts.

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