Aug. 6th I discontinued my internet with frontier and went with Xtream. Was under no contract as of 2014. August 1 frontier was paid $185 with $131 of that going to dish. I received my last bill approximately aug. 15th, due to frontier by sept. 3rd. Paid August 30th-$185. On conference call with both reps from each company. Frontier rep said a payment was sent out to dish on sept 5th. Dish rep said I was unbundled on August 28th?! So they didn't request a payment from frontier. So basically I'm trying to figure out what happened to the $131 frontier said they payed them. Frontier says dish has to file payment request and dish says it's my problem to take up with frontier. 5 hours of disconnections from one or the others reps, recalls and still nothing resolved. Definitely some shady business practices going on here.

Oct 01, 2019

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