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Destination Skin Groupthey ruined my skin with their chemicals, they have also allegedly burnt other customers

I initially posted this on their Trust Pilot page but they got it deleted. Here's my review:

From my experience, I cannot recommend them at all; especially if you have a deep skin tone. I had a series of 4 skin peels with them which gave me Post Inflammatory Pigmentation (PIH). I've received no aftercare or support on how to treat it. If you have a skin concern or you can't risk something going wrong, then I would advise you to go to a dermatologist - the people that specialise in treating skin. (DS are not dermatologists).

To provide context, I had a series of Obagi Radiance skin peels with them, and it was sold to me as a "light peel, which doesn't do anything for pigmentation, but it just improves the texture of the skin". So I proceeded with a course of the peels. But it made my pigmentation worse, to the point that I now have a dark pigmentation moustache. I can't cover it with makeup and people stare / comment about it. Anyway, I sent photos to Dest. Skin and they advised me that this is normal, because the peel brings pigmentation to the surface, and they encouraged me to *continue* with the course of skin peels.

I obviously refused. I now understand that the skin peel has cased PIH, which can take up to 2 years to heal depending on how dark it is. My skin in that area is also extremely sensitive and easily irritated. It's difficult to explain without pictures, but it was so bad that the dermatologist was horrified when she saw what they did. The way it looked wasn't 'normal' and a skin care specialist would have spotted it earlier in the process.

I complained to DS in February '19 and I'm still waiting for a phone call from someone called 'Sarah'. Their lack of concern, and the fact they have not carried out an investigation is worrying. I've asked for a refund, but they've just ignored me so they don't have to issue it.

If you're considering going, then it's at your own risk. I can't recommend them.

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