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Hi, my name is Elle and I'm an 18 year old student living in Australia. I purchased a tomorrowland global journey package under a month ago but after two weeks Of owning this package I went into a financial hardship situation.
I messaged and emailed person after person yet no one customer service representative would give me the information I was asking for about selling the package.
Finally a female representative gave me a small amount of information after asking about costs if I wanted to sell my full package (which was for two people). The lady went on to say that it would cost me 350€ if I wanted to sell as the name change is the part that costs.
With this information I had received I went on to sell the tickets knowing that I would be going 350€ out of pocket just to sell these tickets - and the situation I was in I really had no choice but to get this money.
After finding a buyer and selling the package I went on to email tomorrowland about what information they would need for the name changes so I could collect from the buyer and pass on to tomorrowland so they could update the package.

Another different lady replied but with a lot more information, but completely different to what the First Lady had sent me. This new lady said it would cost for two name changes 700€ and I they only accept name changes in urgent situations.

Now at this point in time I had already explained my finacial hardship and horrible situation that I was in. But I had already sold the tickets when they second lady told me it would cost 700€.

I find it so poor how much incorrect information I received from these people and that they wouldn't not compensate for the fact they gave me the wrong information. For two weeks I have messaged these people getting the same reply from a different person every time about information on name changes. Yet not one person would help me on what I was actually trying to do. These people have been rude and have not helped me in any situation and put me in serious duress.
After them refusing to do the original 350€
Payment they said I had to agree to the 700€ as I had already sold the tickets and the new buyer needed the change over done.

Trying to arrange the change over has been the absolute worst... I sent through the new information of the recent people would have purchased it for tomorrowland to update.. And as well I send through an authorisation to charge my card the fee of 700€ which is find is ridiculous just to change a name...
I received a reply giving me information on name changes????? I couldn't believe it. The same message person after person sent me, totally ignoring the fact that I had already agreed to the change and wanted the change over done so the new owners could have the information.

Yet it has been over a month and still to this day I'm asking for them to process payment for the new buyer to have. The tomorrowland customer service team is slow and has not even taken the time to realise what situation I'm in and how promptly this needed to be taken care of.

The fact a different person replied everytime and didn't read previous emails made it so hard and I was always repeating myself and telling them to go back and read all the messages I sent. They asked questions I had already answered 3/4 times, and they continuously write in every message that they don't accept name changes unless in a urgent situation yet were fully aware of my duress situation which really upset me. I have never had to repeat myself so much ever and these people have given me the worst experience with there rude, bount and careless replies.

These people are a disgrace and shouldn't be working in a area which they are supposed to be helping others because they have given me an experience which is the opposite.

Mar 01, 2016

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