Intelcom Express Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / delivery not received

Oct 19, 2019

Order number INTLCMA425340866 The package was supposed to arrive today (Saturday) at our residential address as we paid extra overnight shipping through Amazon. We received an email notification stating that Intelcom attempted to deliver the package and that the "business was closed" - it wa...

Intelcom Express / delivery

Oct 06, 2019

Tracking ID: INTLCMA412214844 I am so tired of the lack of efficiency of your drivers that are too lazy to find a front door and rather leave the package of tell me they tried to delivered . After 6 delivery from your company, 2 were stolen ( I did not made a claim), 3 were delivered with...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / delivery

Sep 18, 2019

Even though I put the suite number on my package, the delivery guy never brings it up and just leaves it in the lobby unattended. This is not the first time and in the past I have had the package stolen. If the suite number is written it should be brought to the correct location not just...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / delivery driver littering

Aug 22, 2019

Intelcom ExpressThis has happened multiple times in my community that I personally know about and am getting very tired of it. Your drivers stop by the side of the road when they are done there list and dump their garbage on the side of the road - including drink containers, garbage and their list of...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / delivery driver

Aug 17, 2019

#INTLCMA366531181 A delivery driver named Harpreet reported that my building was inaccessible. This is not true since he had the apartment number and all he had to do was ring the buzzer. My neighbour says he saw the driver pull up in a van, take pictures of the entrance, and drive off. The...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / delivery

Jul 30, 2019

I was told that 4 attempts have been made to deliver my package and since it could not be delivered I have to go to the warehouse to pick it up myself. Normally, I wouldn't mind but I will not be able to go until next week! I ordered this item last week with guaranteed delivery on...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / amazon delivery

Jul 28, 2019

Cannot count on both hands the number of issues I've had with deliveries to my address. Add to the fact I've lived here for only 6 months.. Intelcom it seems has a 2% smart driver to 98% incompetence ratio. I really do hope Amazon is charging your service extra for having to pay me for...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / package left unsigned at unsafe location

Jul 19, 2019

19th July 2019 INTLCMA339014970 The delivery had been made to an apartment. We have two front doors - the first that is open to everyone and the second requires a key card to enter. Although I had received my package, I was informed by my landlord that the package was left in between the two...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / fail to deliver my parcels

May 11, 2019

INTLCMA282051378 This is the worst delivery company I've ever dealt with. Basically everytime I am waiting to receive a parcel, I am being told they couldn't find the adress (even though they came many times to my house) so I have to wait for days until they decide to finally come. Thi...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / horrible delivery outside the building where it's not safe intlcma [protected]

Apr 24, 2019

Intelcom ExpressThe driver left my package outside where it is not safe and I never got my package. Usually they leave the package inside and where my apartment is and also send me an email with a picture, but this time I recieved no notification or email. I am very unhappy with Intelcom. I want to...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / intlcma229263385

Feb 22, 2019

Intelcom ExpressINTLCMA229263385 Dear Sirs, Nothing was delivered to the door of my house! This is the second time this happens with this intelcom company! I want to know when my order will arrive. The other order never arrived! This time I'm going to file a complaint with the authority if I do not arrived...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / the worst delivery company ever

Nov 30, 2018

I have cancelled my Amazon Prime account because of Intelcom Express. They are a horrible company who is notorious for treating their employees badly. While I understand the delivery driver's frustration working for such a vile entity, I do not appreciate being yelled by delivery driver...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / unbelievable

Nov 27, 2018

Had a one-day delivery from Amazon. Since it is pouring rain and I didn't want my package stolen, I waited all day. At 4:30, the package had not even been sent out for delivery. I know how bad this company is, so I contacted Amazon. Got a refund for my $3.99 fee. After I complained, I noticed...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / fake delivery attempt

Nov 26, 2018

On Sunday morning I was given notification that the parcel would arrive within 3 hours. By the end of the day I recieved another email stating an attempt was made to deliver . I proceeded to check my security camera recordings from 6 am to 9 at night only to find that no one had been at my...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / package not delivered; company does not have any info about my package

Oct 22, 2018

i ordered an item in amazon and the courier who handled the shipping was intelcom express. my tracking number is INTLCMA151356086, the package was supposed to be delivered on October 18 2018 but was not delivered so they rescheduled the delivery on October 19 2018. around this time i...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / non-delivery, false tracking update

Sep 12, 2018

I ordered 5 books from Amazon. Delivery did not occur by the expected date, so I checked the Intelcom Courier website on Sept.12 for tracking information. Their tracking information stated: - Sep 6 Arrival Scan - Sep 7 Delivery Attempted - Sep 9 Out for Delivery It is now Sep 12. I have not...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / parcel delivery

Jun 30, 2018

-June 28 & 29 2018 Drivers leave deliver notice at 1:40pm then files a fake attempt & no notice is left for 4:26pm. The next day they leave delivery attempt notice at 2:40pm & file another fake attempt for 5:04pm with no notice left for that time. I call the company to complain and they...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / delivery of amazon package

Jun 27, 2018

I am extremely upset and frustrated by your delivery drive for my amazon package. I live in a condo where the package could've simply been left at concierge in the main lobby of the building. Instead, the driver left the package at my door while I was away at work and came home to find the...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / package delivery

May 26, 2018

Intelcom ExpressI am absolutely sick of this company! 3 times I have order a package on amazon, and all 3 times my package was left outside my door, where anyone could've stole it. I have complained over and over, and this still continues to happen! What is wrong with this company? Such a lazy, poor...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / package delivery

Apr 06, 2018

Ordered a package twice this week from Amazon... Exact same things. First time had it delivered to my work which ended up being closed when they tried to deliver. Spoke to the driver Sunday told them deliver Tuesday. Talked to them again Monday told them same. They sent PKG back. Then...

[Resolved] Intelcom Express / delivery services

Feb 05, 2018

On Sunday, February 04, a parcel from Amazon was left outside in front of the main entrance of a business, while the building was closed for the weekend. The person who completed the delivery didn't even attempt to contact the security of the building to follow up with them. I do not understand how this could be accepted as good company's policies.

[Resolved] Intelcom Courrier Canada Inc / Delivery

Dec 24, 2016

this company is a scam, hey deliver your parcels, if you get them, with personal vehicles?! your personal info like full name and address is given everyone ...what about identity theft ? on Dec20/16 I had pruchased something on prime and was marked that my pacel got delivered on...