Timothy Howes, Esq. / Incompetent Attorney / Lawyer

1 26 Anderson Street, Raritan, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 908-704-0037

I hired Timothy Howes, Esq. in Raritan, NJ to represent me in the NJ court system. Tim Howes took my money ($5, 000 in cash)and promised me the world. Not only did I catch him lying to me several times about motions he filed, but he lost my appeal due to his negligence of not answering 3 motions that were filed against me. The Appellate division notified me directly that my case was dropped due to his negligence. The Bergen County Court House also confirmed with me that nothing was ever filed in their office. When you pay an attorney to represent you... you expect this attorney to have your best interests at heart. Mr. Timothy Howes is not someone you want to trust with your case.
If this helps just one person avoid the pain and financial loss due to hiring this attorney to represent them... then I did the right thing by posting this.


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