Telecircuit Communications / unauthorized long distance service

1 Kissimmee, FL, United States

My name is Ana Zaragoza, Service Coordinator for Oak Leaf Landings a Senior Housing Community. On May 12 an agent from Telecircuit called the telephone number for on not even switched the long distance carrier of my Residents, ( this is not the 1st time they do this) bu t unlawfully they registered her for long distance (she only has local service for a reason, she is on a fixed income) and it is well known to me because it is not the first time they do this to my residents. On 06/20/17 I spoke to Mr. Jarvis and I requested the services to be removed and a refund to my clients account, he claimed that it was an authorized sale, which I requested proof of it but of course he couldn't produce the evidence and hanged up the telephone, I called for a 2nd time and requested the information and he again hanged up the telephone, on my 3rd call they wouldn't pick up the phone (maybe they have caller ID ha, ha, ) It is very clear to me that they are doing things wrongfully. First I would like to get a refund for my client, Second I would like to get information where to call or submit a complaint with the FCC if possible. I have seen this many times and specially with seniors, because I am the one who needs to call to get services back to the original way that were set up., they should not be allowed to do this to our seniors... You can send the information to Ana Zaragoza Service Coordinator at Oak Leaf Landings 2350 N. Central Ave. (Office) Kissimmee, FL 34741 Thank you

Jun 20, 2017

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