Skokie Hand car wash & Detailing / Damage to my car after detailing wash of the car.

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Monday 05/18/2015 I was with my car to a professional washing.
I left the car at 9am and was told by an employee to pick up at 6 pm ready washed and styled.I returned to pick up.Obviously I looked after if there are stains on the seats and on the car.They were right.
I drove home and noticed a lack of radio button.I returned to the car wash, hoping to find it a.Obviously they not found him.I went with my husband to make gasoline tank of the car.I drove on the highway while driving and I heard a noise at the wheel.I said that is because of the wind.When I stopped at the gas station I saw disaster.One of mud flaps from the front wheel was destroyed, it was melted and clinging the wheel.I felt faint when I saw.It was already 7 pm and we could not return to the laundry because it was closed.I called the owner and told me to come the next morning to see my damage one of his managers there, and that will resolve the situation.
I was and told me that it is not their fault.The fault is theirs.Because I do not know what solutions were used, and put some dryers
  to drying the solution to the wheels, and I think they forgot one of the dryers turned to mud flaps and they melted it.
And perhaps heat and solutions have reacted.
For this damage I paid $ 150 to get my car be washed detailed.
I must say.
The car just got a pick from one week repaired and painted, Is new car.Now I have to do one repairs and to pay for damages.

Skokie Hand car wash & Detailing
Skokie Hand car wash & Detailing

May 20, 2015

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