Servicepower.comservice power extended warranty services; payment not received for in home repair on a lg tv

The company sent me a request to repair a TV set. The customer lives about 75 miles away. I contacted the customer and she was out of town. After many days of calling the customer called me to go and repair the unit. I went there and replaced a defective part and the TV works. But I had to made a second trip to correct a small problem that required a special Service remote control and the same story again. the customer went out of town and it was a delay in completion of the repair. Finally the customer came back home and I went to successfully completed the repair. I submitted the claim and was approved for payment. But is being since November and has not received the payment of the $ 300.00 that was approved for travel and labor. Is April already< every time I call them they make excuses for not to pay.

Apr 03, 2018

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