Seppia & Polpo Sdn. Bhd / unable to obtain hard copy bank statements.

1 Petaling Jaya, MY

We have had a business account with your bank for approximately 4 months at the Taman Tun branch. We made countless requests to obtain our monthly bank statements every time we did our banking. We always received the same reply, we needed to have internet banking.
In October we made a written request to obtain bank statements. The letter was on company letterhead signed by directors, with company stamp. Most importantly, the letter was specific in the following:
1. Requested monthly statements since the opening date of account.
2. Requested that bank statements be available for collection EVERY FOLLOWING month henceforth.
3. That any charges for this service be charged to our account. (We are prepared to pay for the service).
We finally received the statements for the months up to mid September. When we asked to pick up our statements in November we were told that the letter we submitted did not specify that.
When I asked to speak to the manager, the person popped their head in the door of the branch manager, and after a very brief conversation returned to me, and gave me a counter number and asked me to await the counter staff calling me. In other words, THEY SENT ME BACK TO THE SAME PEOPLE who told me I need to have internet banking to have bank statements.
We have accounts with Maybank, Standard Chartered and they ALL supply monthly statements. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT FOR HONG LEONG??
Perhaps if I were a local with a Title to my name, it would be simple. Unfortunately I am a foreigner investing money in Malaysia and creating jobs, and can't get bank statements.
Time to look for another bank.

Nov 27, 2017

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