PSA GroupPeugeot Egypt CDCM/unethical behaviour

When I wanted to buy a new car for me and my family, we soon thought to fetch the French elegance we heard of in adverts and read about in CDCM website. I purchased the Peugeot car 5008 Model 2017 in April.

However, Upon receipt of the car, I was surprised that all the additional benefits for which the car was purchased are not available such as the GPS screen, Head-up Display, the Video pack, the tinted glass and the cooler. All these features had been stated on the car brochure of the official Peugeot Egypt website:

The only so-called advantage found in the car was the Snow Walker, which is of no value as it is known that Egypt has no snow.

When this fraud was discovered, I contacted the customer services officials in Cairo for Development and Cars Manufacturing CDCM in Egypt but to no avail. Contrarily, they insisted upon their right to lie to the customer.

I highly request a serious investigation on the poor services provided by your Egypt Agency CDCM and demand a reason for such an unethical approach in the service industry. I hope for a prompt action to look after the matter.

May 10, 2017

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